Official release: Valvoline Raceway

November 13, 2018


Valvoline Raceway has undertaken a review of its legal obligations as they relate to the NSW legislation for occupational health and safety, licencing and insurance through Speedway Australia and its compliance with the NSW Office of Sport and Recreation.

For all intents and purposes the area that is designated for the pits is considered a workplace under NSW legislation, as it is used to accommodate transporters, trailers and cars for various car divisions and allow teams to work/set up their race car prior to and during the event. It is also the area that has a high number of vehicle movements during the race meeting.

Valvoline Raceway recognises that children are at higher risk of a mishap occurring given the amount of activity that is occurring in the pits and therefore advise that no children will be allowed in the pit area. 

The licensing body, Speedway Australia has determined that the minimum age of someone entering the pits is 16 years of age. The exceptions to this are if they hold a Junior Speedway Australia licence which can be obtained from 12 years and over. It is expected that Juniors holding such licence are educated on safety requirements of the pit area, and are generally associated with a race team (ie. Not general public).

To assist us in managing safety risks, any patrons that intend to enter the pit area will need to obtain a pit armband and sign an indemnity form prior to entering the area. This pit armbands allows security to determine if the person is a spectator. Anyone without a pit armband will be asked to leave this area and return to the general public area.

This policy is being adopted for the safety of anyone entering the venue. We appreciate your understanding of this important safety requirement.

We also understand fans would still like the opportunity to interact with the drivers and we are endeavouring to arrange a special ‘meet the drivers’ session in the general admission area at each event, where drivers will be able to sign autographs and sell their merchandise. Once the race event has concluded, all gates to the venue will be open to allow easy exit and this can be the opportunity to go down and meet the drivers and also purchase their merchandise.

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